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Navigating Health Care Taxes

Navigating Health Care Taxes

| January 27, 2021

Chances are you have heard about the 3.8% surtax that went into effect in 2013 under the Affordable Care Act—but do you know if and when you might need to pay it?

Despite changes to the tax code in recent years, the Medicare tax and net investment income tax remain in effect. This surtax requires that an additional tax be paid by those with investment income, (whether from interest, dividends, capital gains or rental properties,) when they are above the annual income threshold. Trusts and estates are hit especially hard; they reach the income threshold at only $13,050 in 2021. For those still earning wages or self-employment income, there might be an additional 0.9% Medicare tax to consider as well.


Click here to understand the impact of health care taxes on your investment income in five easy steps.


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